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Looking at how my friends able to go through with an exhibition, have too many emotions. So damn proud of them as well as felt really not good in how I handle myself and my dream. When people ask me “You can try putting yours up”, I smiled “Nah, i can’t make it” That’s the only word I can say, I don’t find my work really expressive. I just don’t know how I should make it, well, just that good. I know how much if I don’t try and expose my works out, I’ll never get to where I am. Nobody would recognise my work out in the world, if I don’t start from now. Which lead me to much disappointment again. I just don’t know how I should do it well, how i should path it..


It pop me when i was reading an


It pop me when i was reading an article on a 3 brothers who kidnapped 3 girls for 11 years and sexually abused them. With a full read out, the elder brother did everything without letting the other brothers know what he did. And then i have the cravings of watching crime scene drama, so with that i remember that i have not watch Season 8 of Criminal minds yet. Three episodes marathon the whole night, it was a good drama. How one could felt so inferior over things and never really understand that hurting innocent people could do anything good to them. All they want was letting them know what is hurting actually like. One mistakes could lead to a whole new turnover. Believing that we love each other no matter what or we won’t get into such situation. But you never know what is lying in front of you or in between your lives. A serial killer get you silenced to your death. That is why people usually say watch what you say. 

“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others”
-Lewis Carroll