Staring in the dark

I thought to myself maybe I could make her better, but I still make it worst. I had so much in mind. What she said was right, reading someone elses words may cause insecures and thinking but why still do it? sometimes I just can’t stop myself from doing all these, I keep over thinking everything that don’t make sense. I’ve got her but still, things were out of hands at times. I wish I was a little faith in myself, in her and in us. Knowing how much she been through, I want to give her a better life, a fresh start. I can feel the ache each time she hurt and is not something that I had before. Sometimes writing out can be so difficult to express it out. We’re almost embarking nearer to the new year and I need to make something out of it. I question myself, was all these plan to be so difficult or are we just making it even more difficult to understand. Every day we leave it as if we need to, things kept blocking every now and then. The girl is coming back for her isn’t it, she is coming right through us. I love my girl vice versa but sometimes u just can’t help to think if the girl was better as me. How much do you know that you won’t be moved by her, even if you get hurt by her the deepest. Sometimes, everything just have to start all over again by a word.