by ieatyourfats

How do we start from a something to a everything? Confusion was settle in, can’t imagine a world would have done something to her. It was back then but it hunted her badly, believing that i can help to do something but i’m not sure if is was fine. I want to put everything down so i can travel miles just to see her. But it was my dream that i’m studying now. I just hope everyday that we have a chance to meet. I pray to the stars that shinning right above me that one day please make it soon that i’ll be able to see her face right in front of me, her voice lingering my ear crystal clear, her touch which shoot me up. All these physical gesture, i want it to be real. I want to hear her speak to me without any objection between us. But the stars are just stars, they can’t do anything for me. I never want someone so badly, that i feel like running out. She was interesting and i just want to know more than usual. She caught me off guard. I want to make her happy with anything in my ability. Future we can talk a bit later, for now, i won’t regret i just like her. Every day i’m working hard to get her but is not moving. Just the time that is moving.. What i do here has nothing to do with moving with her, but i can’t be selfish to let her come over. We need to give in to show that we’re actually working on it and not only one sided. How do i start from it then? I guess the answer is, myself. Start improving myself, start to know myself better before anybody does. And start to understand the way she speak, play and tease. How i can make her feel better if she needs to, the assurance and trust.