by ieatyourfats

I can’t find that certain expression, it just start off. I wasn’t even ready to notice the change. She just came in like this without a warning and now i’m stuck. She give me everything i have always wanted. Not only did she make an assurance to me but she make my heart beat. Every day our heart is bumping but there’s someone who will keep your heart beats a little more than usual. I never pick up a phone and not wanting to hang up before. There are bound for people to disagree and find this ridiculous. I have no idea which part is more ridiculous, but i actually found someone i can’t leave without. I can’t leave a day without texting her and making sure she’s fine at the other side of the world. And planning to do something for her without letting her notice. Work hard, just so we can meet each other. We had our first awkward silence before, our quarrels over an uncertain feeling about someone else but all she do was being honest with me and telling me that we’re together. It have never been this good but the biggest obstacle was the distance relationship, it test us more than just an eye is even bigger. I want to know how to deal with all these and to know her presence beside me. The feeling of hers got me missing everyday. I felt the need of wanting her near but we’re so far. I couldn’t be more selfish as before, we need to fight for every chance and with that, we can meet each other. The plans we had was beyond ahead of us.
The linger of accent brush through my skins,
Her words shiver me,
creating a whole new thing,
assurance and love