Not in a full mind

by ieatyourfats

I don’t know what i want to type here but i just want to, wants. Is not needed. I just need to see words going and maybe, probably i will know what to type when it goes by. A part of me is selfish and another part of me is cravings. When someone say she misses you, what do u usually replied? That is where i became selfish, half of me wants to know if this is the truth and the half of me don’t want to know. If the truth is been said, she would probably would asked then do u miss me? how do i even answer that whereby i don’t even know if i actually misses her. This is difficult, everything that concerns about love is difficult. I never understand what is love. People tells me that you have to read it carefully before you fully understand what is love then u can fall for someone. But how do i even learn the meaning of love? I can’t be consistent with a particular person and it stinks.