by ieatyourfats

I get to know this new band and the leader was fighting cancer for a long time, it became a long term and the members love him a lot.
What i don’t know was that he have been standing on stage to sing his lungs out and take every performance his last. I totally salute him with every part of my heartfelt moment when he sang on stage, it moved me. He is so passionate and he doesn’t care about his appearance, how bad be may look when he go through all the therapy etc. If life was this tragic and sudden, some times i’m just too afraid to even look at the world. It have been looking at you always and come back at you again, it never stop revolving even though you said “You’re done with it”, “i don’t think i could do this anymore” or “I gave up” I know it has to go on but for how long. People go and some just left without a proper reasons, why should i let someone in when i knew anything could happen. I never knew how hurting to see people leave, the definition of it can’t explain further. Therefore, i start to live with a proper aspects of life. I start to reflect my life every now and then. Sometimes i felt sick, i tried every strength to carry myself to do my work. The pain would be our gain afterwards. How one grow and the other die. The life and death based.