Sequence of death

by ieatyourfats

Sometimes i can’t relate on certain things. And the certain things is that people die earlier than expected. I found myself living in a very social and fearful world, it prevents you from creating something. When a loved one passed away, it just struck you as to why someone leave earlier than you do. And the criminal gets away. Death is known as creating a new life, that’s how i think of it but when it comes to reality i can’t think of that term. People grieve over it for years and it became a point that you don’t want to lose anyone or any longer. But people have to go, either they go for good or they go for bad. The part of parcel of a life. Funeral became a very detailed and shivering word. When someone die, you can hear the screams in the mortuary, you hear the chanting words from the monk/priest, you saw the worst emotion of someone else, you hear the closing of casket and you hear crying and words that they want their deceased to hear. All 5 senses are all noticeable, you start to think that i should be the one going. When the door closes, you never seen them again ever. Their presence left an impact on your whole entire life, you want it back but is too late because now they are gone. But scene sometimes changes, what happens if is a murder case. Will the criminal face the full charge and will he/she get the real taste? How is it that sometimes they got the entire courage to kill someone so badly that they don’t think of the consequences. The feeling of killing, the stares you got from the victim, the stain you got in your hand, the last breath you heard and the scene you able to do it alone. How and why?