It got you

by ieatyourfats

A music can reflect someone identity and the feeling of pride. It smooths people mind or either it just come in so easily. Repeating a certain songs can be rather an addiction but it keeps people moving on or either it got people stuck. Listening to music at a different timing could reflect the mood. I chose to listen slow music in the night, it gives you a very undying feeling. Reflects yourself through the music of what you should do and what’s not.
When you decided that this is a good song or this is my favourite song of all. You start to find who’s the artist, where can i get the music and you just loop the music whole day or worst, whole week. You just wouldn’t want to get away from the music because the first moment when you start to play the song, you got caught. You know this song was amazing as you thought it may be. The quality of it reflect so much of the feeling though you just can’t understand the language but you just understand how the singer is singing because she pour all her emotion and experience to it and you just felt it like you never felt it before for a long time. You drop everything down because you just want to sit on a chair, looking out of the window and stare in space. You want to be in your own world, you just don’t want anyone to disturb you or even touches you. All you want was your favourite music to carry you around.
TS:제시카 – 그대라는 한 사람