No self – control

by ieatyourfats

I get it how people always say they can’t control themselves and here i’m experiencing it almost everyday. When you can’t control yourself you just happen to say those hurtful words and then u regret it later. And people always say don’t regret what you say because you will never know what happens next. I always regret whenever i said those hurtful words and i just can’t help it. It just happens. And when i regret, silence enter. I became quiet so quiet that i don’t feel like talking till i decide to sleep. I keep it to myself, i just don’t want people to know what i’m thinking, what i should do, all the whys. It happens all the time, sometimes too often it scares me. Am i too boiled up or i’m just this aggressive. Sometimes people get too habit with the words i spit out. To those who hear it for the first time would probably walk away or curse me back. I can’t control my feelings and emotions, is true that not many people can do so.