Are we just like this?

by ieatyourfats

Are things too coincidental or is just fated like this? We’re always this close but never close enough. I know she can count on me, sadly to know that i’ve got many things i’ve still not known yet. Before holiday end, we’re gonna met and whether we or should i say i will be awkward I can’t say that early yet. If i could make you happy, even to the part where we can’t be together then i’ll do to the end. We talk quite a lot these few days. Happy to know that we’re actually talking like before. Are we more than a friend? because i just can’t seem to find out. Probably counselling should need to come in, i never understand loving someone. How much do u have to do to settle your heart for someone? Does surprising helps? Being there for someone and not loving her as much as she does do well? Always too many question occupied this tiny brain.