What happen if the bullies won’t stop?

by ieatyourfats

What happen if the bullies won’t stop?
Was reading an article that happened in Korea. The bullies won’t stop, the victim won’t speak, the teachers won’t involve. What a world is this. Just because of a certain mistakes and a little bad records, the bullies got 12 gangs to beat him up because he step onto his clothes accidentally. I don’t understand. I believe getting yourself involves it means getting yourself in trouble, that’s how it usually goes you know. The bullies won’t stop, even how much trouble you put them into whether is it a punishment or a letter of expel. They get you back, worst. That’s how the world evolves. I heard from some elderly, they always say been a bad person is better than a good ones. Why? Because the good ones usually end up dying first. Or either way you look at a positive side, god let the bad ones say on earth just to let them suffer. And some people may thinks that letting the bad ones suffer can be a suffocation to the good ones here. Is how you look at this whole thing. If you think looking this way may be right, go for it. There’s no right or wrong, is how you see things.