‘Are you eating well’

by ieatyourfats

‘Are you eating well’ I always wonder, what are you up doing. ‘Are you doing good’ even which i know sometimes it get rocky and you may feel that you’re not doing good at all. ‘In which, do you need someone to listen to’ I can listen but i’m not good in words, i’ll say wrong word but that is the thing i could at least make you smile if my words are crumbled. ‘I’m always here’ i still look out for you, your name come in easily as i scroll down. You know i’ll be there for you when you come to me and not anyone. I still think, probably me or we could make this better. ‘Are we ready for another chance’ it start to become sensitive. I remember how you became my inspiration without me knowing what i should do. I could do was to ask for something that lead me to a slight spark, at least. I want things between us to not go too far and yet not least. I want grow things with you. I have plenty of things i want to do with you. Making you happy may be a little not my kind. I dont like crying but yet i cried the most. I never let my pride down or by letting people know that i’m weak. I hold it up. I want to do so when i’m with you.