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Month: June, 2013

SNSD’s 2013 mid-year performance report: “The wall you can’t climb over.”

Very good information, this is what i call nation girl group

SNSD Korean

I was putting together some data on SNSD’s sales so far in 2013 since we passed the half-year mark a while ago, but I realised that some fans might not understand the true meaning of the data in terms of what it really means for SNSD. So I’ve ended up with a chunk of text about SNSD’s 2013 performance thus far, how it compares to their previous years, as well as some background info on how the Korean entertainment industry works. This might be a boring read for some of you…sorry!

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No self – control

I get it how people always say they can’t control themselves and here i’m experiencing it almost everyday. When you can’t control yourself you just happen to say those hurtful words and then u regret it later. And people always say don’t regret what you say because you will never know what happens next. I always regret whenever i said those hurtful words and i just can’t help it. It just happens. And when i regret, silence enter. I became quiet so quiet that i don’t feel like talking till i decide to sleep. I keep it to myself, i just don’t want people to know what i’m thinking, what i should do, all the whys. It happens all the time, sometimes too often it scares me. Am i too boiled up or i’m just this aggressive. Sometimes people get too habit with the words i spit out. To those who hear it for the first time would probably walk away or curse me back. I can’t control my feelings and emotions, is true that not many people can do so.

Are we just like this?

Are things too coincidental or is just fated like this? We’re always this close but never close enough. I know she can count on me, sadly to know that i’ve got many things i’ve still not known yet. Before holiday end, we’re gonna met and whether we or should i say i will be awkward I can’t say that early yet. If i could make you happy, even to the part where we can’t be together then i’ll do to the end. We talk quite a lot these few days. Happy to know that we’re actually talking like before. Are we more than a friend? because i just can’t seem to find out. Probably counselling should need to come in, i never understand loving someone. How much do u have to do to settle your heart for someone? Does surprising helps? Being there for someone and not loving her as much as she does do well? Always too many question occupied this tiny brain.

What happen if the bullies won’t stop?

What happen if the bullies won’t stop?
Was reading an article that happened in Korea. The bullies won’t stop, the victim won’t speak, the teachers won’t involve. What a world is this. Just because of a certain mistakes and a little bad records, the bullies got 12 gangs to beat him up because he step onto his clothes accidentally. I don’t understand. I believe getting yourself involves it means getting yourself in trouble, that’s how it usually goes you know. The bullies won’t stop, even how much trouble you put them into whether is it a punishment or a letter of expel. They get you back, worst. That’s how the world evolves. I heard from some elderly, they always say been a bad person is better than a good ones. Why? Because the good ones usually end up dying first. Or either way you look at a positive side, god let the bad ones say on earth just to let them suffer. And some people may thinks that letting the bad ones suffer can be a suffocation to the good ones here. Is how you look at this whole thing. If you think looking this way may be right, go for it. There’s no right or wrong, is how you see things.

‘Are you eating well’

‘Are you eating well’ I always wonder, what are you up doing. ‘Are you doing good’ even which i know sometimes it get rocky and you may feel that you’re not doing good at all. ‘In which, do you need someone to listen to’ I can listen but i’m not good in words, i’ll say wrong word but that is the thing i could at least make you smile if my words are crumbled. ‘I’m always here’ i still look out for you, your name come in easily as i scroll down. You know i’ll be there for you when you come to me and not anyone. I still think, probably me or we could make this better. ‘Are we ready for another chance’ it start to become sensitive. I remember how you became my inspiration without me knowing what i should do. I could do was to ask for something that lead me to a slight spark, at least. I want things between us to not go too far and yet not least. I want grow things with you. I have plenty of things i want to do with you. Making you happy may be a little not my kind. I dont like crying but yet i cried the most. I never let my pride down or by letting people know that i’m weak. I hold it up. I want to do so when i’m with you.