by ieatyourfats

I began to think that maybe she fallen for her. It never come to a point where things were so close. She never love someone this much especially when they had together the whole time. Basically everything. Hands were touched, eyes were not contact but at some point of times, small smile were exchanged, gaps in between were slightly closed up but never too near for accidence. She showed off her fashion to me, looking up and down. She was sexy. Pillow fights i remembered was countless of touches. I was hesitant at first but youth got into me, i just let it all out. Running up and down, she was always getting to me. I’ve tried getting a distance away but she kept coming for me. I was happy you know. She never get tired. Too old for games, i try to close my eyes for breath.
The start to the end but ending was silence because they were tired. The journey on the cab was long but long enough to feel her presence beside her. Both looking out of the cab and resting. Palms were on the seats, with one move both hands might be touching.
i could extend my hands to give her the assurance but the confidence is not hitting in. I had the last eye contact with her before she walk out of the cab she left, nothing… nothing comes out from her mouth. What if one sentence ruined the whole friendship because of one selfish mistakes. i can’t afford to lose her. She is not everything to me but she is something to me. Her voice still tingle in my mind, her smile get me drowsy, her lips are touchable. She never get her and never reveal this any sooner. She love her, it stinks but this is best for everyone. If only she would swing the way she swing, things would be easier for her